Labour Rights in Germany (for people who don't speak German)

The FAU Berlin's foreign workers' section has produced a leaflet which
provides the basics about German labour laws. The leaflet takes a look
at what laws protect workers in Germany. It is aimed at new arrivals to
Germany who do not understand German and who are already working or
looking for work. It focuses on those issues -- such as dismissal
protection and non-payment of wages -- which in our experience pop up
again and again.

Click the links below to download the leaflet in your language:


French / Fran├žais

Italian / Italiano

Spanish / Espa├▒ol

Greek / ????????

Swedish / Svenska

Unfortunately, German labour law does not go far enough to protect
employees. In fact, the few laws which do exist are being continuously
diluted. That said, foreigners and recent arrivals are often in an even
worse position if they don't understand German as most of the
information about labour laws is in German. Whereby, it must be said
that German labour law is so complicated that it often isn't even
understood by the locals -- who will likely read this flyer just as

With this flyer, we hope to empower non-German-speakers to protect
themselves against bosses taking advantage of them illegally. As for
those being taken advantage of legally: take action and join a union!
The FAU, for example. The section has been getting this message out by
distributing this leaflet at workplaces in Berlin that have a reputation
for taking advantage of foreign workers. Send us an email if you have a tip.

The leaflet has been kept short as it is only meant as an introduction.
More detailed questions can be answered by email ( or in
our offices in Lottumstrasse 5 on Fridays from 17:00 to 18:00. By
clicking the links above, you can download the flyer as a PDF in six
languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Swedish) with
more being worked on.

More information

You can follow the activities of the FAU Berlin and its foreign workers' section on Twitter and Facebook.

The FAU Berlin foreign workers' section generally meets on the fourth
Tuesday of the month in the FAU Berlin's offices in Lottumstr. 11. This
month's meeting will take place on the 14 December 2012; email
faub97(a) for the location. 

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